Welcome to the website for the North Carolina State Bar Plan for Interest on Lawyers’ Trust Accounts—NC IOLTA. NC IOLTA is a non-profit program created by the State Bar and approved by the North Carolina Supreme Court. NC IOLTA works with lawyers and banks across the state to collect net interest income generated from lawyers’ general, pooled trust accounts for the purpose of funding grants to providers of civil legal services for the indigent and to programs that further the administration of justice.

Class Action Residuals Boost IOLTA Income for 2012 and 2013

Though income from IOLTA accounts remains depressed due to low interest rates, NC IOLTA income is boosted by cy pres funds. Read more here.

Grantee Spotlight

Read about the work of IOLTA grantees.

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2015 NC IOLTA Board of Trustees Meetings

Fiscal Meeting
April 14, 2015
Meeting details

Long Range Planning and Orientation Meeting
September 23, 2015

Grantmaking Meeting
December 3, 2015






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